Package: zeekygen

This package is loaded during the process which automatically generates reference documentation for all Zeek scripts (i.e. “Zeekygen”). Its only purpose is to provide an easy way to load all known Zeek scripts plus any extra scripts needed or used by the documentation process.



This is an example script that demonstrates Zeekygen-style documentation. It generally will make most sense when viewing the script’s raw source code and comparing to the HTML-rendered version.

Comments in the from ##! are meant to summarize the script’s purpose. They are transferred directly in to the generated reStructuredText (reST) document associated with the script.


You can embed directives and roles within ##-stylized comments.

There’s also a custom role to reference any identifier node in the Zeek Sphinx domain that’s good for “see alsos”, e.g.

See also: ZeekygenExample::a_var, ZeekygenExample::ONE, SSH::Info

And a custom directive does the equivalent references:

See also: ZeekygenExample::a_var, ZeekygenExample::ONE, SSH::Info