Package: base/frameworks/netcontrol

The NetControl framework provides a way for Zeek to interact with networking hard- and software, e.g. for dropping and shunting IP addresses/connections, etc.



This file defines the types that are used by the NetControl framework.

The most important type defined in this file is NetControl::Rule, which is used to describe all rules that can be expressed by the NetControl framework.


Zeek’s NetControl framework.

This plugin-based framework allows to control the traffic that Zeek monitors as well as, if having access to the forwarding path, the traffic the network forwards. By default, the framework lets everything through, to both Zeek itself as well as on the network. Scripts can then add rules to impose restrictions on entities, such as specific connections or IP addresses.

This framework has two APIs: a high-level and low-level. The high-level API provides convenience functions for a set of common operations. The low-level API provides full flexibility.


This file defines the plugin interface for NetControl.



Debugging plugin for the NetControl framework, providing insight into executed operations.


OpenFlow plugin for the NetControl framework.


NetControl plugin for the process-level PacketFilter that comes with Zeek. Since the PacketFilter in Zeek is quite limited in scope and can only add/remove filters for addresses, this is quite limited in scope at the moment.


Broker plugin for the NetControl framework. Sends the raw data structures used in NetControl on to Broker to allow for easy handling, e.g., of command-line scripts.


Acld plugin for the netcontrol framework.


Implementation of the drop functionality for NetControl.


Implementation of the shunt functionality for NetControl.