5.2.9. Conditional Compilation

Spicy scripts offer a basic form of conditional compilation through @if/@else/@endif blocks, similar to a C preprocessor. For now, this supports only a couple types of conditions that are useful for feature and version testing. For example, the following @if/@else block branches to different code based on the Spicy version:

@if SPICY_VERSION < 10401
    <code for Spicy versions older than 1.4.1>
    <code for Spicy versions equal or newer than 1.4.1>

@if directives can take one of the following forms:


Compares the value of IDENTIFIER against VALUE. Supported comparison operators are ==, !=, <, <=, >, >=. See below for valid identifiers. If an identifier is not defined, its value is assumed to be zero.


This is a shortcut for @if [!] IDENTIFIER != 0.

By default, Spicy currently provides just one pre-defined identifier:


The current Spicy version in numerical format (e.g., 10000 for version 1.0; see the output of spicy-config --version-number).


When using Spicy with Zeek, Zeek defines a couple of additional identifiers.