5.3. zeekpkg.source module

A module containing the definition of a "package source": a git repository containing a collection of zkg.index (or legacy bro-pkg.index) files. These are simple INI files that can describe many Zeek packages. Each section of the file names a Zeek package along with the git URL where it is located and metadata tags that help classify/describe it.

zeekpkg.source.AGGREGATE_DATA_FILE = 'aggregate.meta'

The name of the package source file where package metadata gets aggregated.

zeekpkg.source.INDEX_FILENAME = 'zkg.index'

The name of package index files.

class zeekpkg.source.Source(name, clone_path, git_url, version=None)

Bases: object

A Zeek package source.

This class contains properties of a package source like its name, remote git URL, and local git clone.


The name of the source as given by a config file key in it's [sources] section.


The git URL of the package source.


The local git clone of the package source.


Return a list of paths to package index files in the source.


Return a list of package.Package in the source.