Package: policy/frameworks/management/controller


Configuration settings for the cluster controller.


The entry point for the Management framework’s cluster controller. It runs bootstrap logic for launching a controller process via Zeek’s Supervisor.


The event API of cluster controllers. Most endpoints consist of event pairs, where the controller answers the client’s request event with a corresponding response event. Such event pairs share the same name prefix and end in “_request” and “_response”, respectively.


The cluster controller’s boot logic runs in Zeek’s supervisor and instructs it to launch the Management controller process. The controller’s main logic resides in main.zeek, similarly to other frameworks. The new process will execute that script.

If the current process is not the Zeek supervisor, this does nothing.


This is the main “runtime” of the Management framework’s controller. Zeek does not load this directly; rather, the controller’s bootstrapping module (in ./boot.zeek) specifies it as the script to run in the node newly created by the supervisor.